The world has reached “number exhaustion” for IPv4 numbers. IPv4 exhaustion refers to the fact that the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) no longer have blocks of IPv4 addresses to allocate.  The American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN), for instance, has hit total exhaustion of IPv4 blocks.  RIRs that still have inventory are only able to  give very small blocks out (usually 256 numbers (/24) ).  IPv4 address blocks are, however, critical for many technology companies to continue to grow and additional blocks help with both near-term and long-term.  

Number exhaustion coupled with steady demand has created the need for a secondary market wherein organizations may secure the rights to unused IPv4 number blocks.

Selling rights to a block of IPv4 numbers at the maximum value requires unique skills and expertise – using Agile Broker will guarantee that the sale and subsequent transfer of rights is expeditious, at maximum value, and without risk.

If your organization is interested in selling IPv4 block(s), please register below, or contact Agile Broker via phone or email.

Important Note:  Agile Broker, to avoid any potential conflict of interest, only represents sellers and never represents the buyer. Agile Broker charges no upfront fee and is only compensated at the successful close of the sale and transfer of the sellers rights. Moreover, our compensation structure, which is a fixed percentage of the purchase price paid by the buyer, aligns our interests with the seller to maximize the value of the transaction.





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