Who We Are



Agile Broker, Inc. (“Agile Broker”), a wholly–owned subsidiary of Denuo, Inc., is a small business “C” Corporation, incorporated in Delaware on April 16, 2010.  Agile Broker provides Public Sector organizations the specialized expertise required to enable entities to fully leverage their IPv4 number block ownership.  Agile Broker utilizes the expertise and 10 years of experience gained from the creation and operation of the Addrex Marketplacesm to provide a white-glove, professional brokerage service exclusively for the Public Sector.


In March 2011, Addrex Inc., (“Addrex”), a separate wholly–owned subsidiary of Denuo, Inc., facilitated the first sale of IPv4 number block registration rights to 666,624 IPv4 numbers in a widely reported transaction between Nortel and Microsoft, Inc. Since that time, the Addrex Marketplacesm has successfully powered the transfer of registration rights to millions of IP numbers between buyers and sellers around the world. With hundreds of pre-qualified and contractually committed buyer companies, and millions of IPv4 numbers presently under exclusive contract for transfer by qualified Sellers, the Addrex Marketplace is the globally preeminent platform for number block rights redistribution.




Agile Broker’s management team is highly experienced and pioneered the market for IPv4 number block rights in 2011. In the intervening years, they have developed and matured that market into the success it is today. They bring the unique expertise acquired from that market creation and development experience, along with a rich history of other achievements, to Agile Broker.